The starting point is a known problem of the phenomena of loading of materials in tanks that will be under pressure. Valves commercially available are usually indicated for the passage of solid materials, but have problems of under pressure seal leakage and consequent air leakage. Or are with good pressure-tight but not suggested for the passage of materials, such as an abrasive powder. Just think about the butterfly valve, whose disc and seal are invested and then worn by the product flowing.

Among the most high performance solutions to this kind of problems, we have in fact spherical dome the valve whose tightness is provided by an inflatable seal.

On the market there is this type of valves, essentially based on a seal with open profile which is fixed to the valve body. Under the inflating pressure, this is deformed until it adheres the dome in order to be able to the sealing.

One of the problems frequent that we wanted to solve is that over time, particularly in high temperature environments or with partially adhesives materials, the seal tends not restore its original configuration and remains deformed in part and therefore partially off-site.

Dome valve with pressurized seal

This phenomenon exposes the gasket to the edge of the spherical dome, that starts to pinch the gasket while closing, until damage that.

Another typical problem is the adhesion of the seal over time. As the dome tends to get dirty material, even if with a shiny surface, the capacity of the pressure seal tends to decrease. Or just the opposite, with sticky materials, particularly if hot, it becomes difficult to remove the seal to allow the opening of the valve.

At Rosada ILS we focused on these issues and have implemented a series of digital prototyping activities, together with finite element analysis, to design a powerful solution. These activities later went out to support the workshop testing. The result is Dome-RILS, robust, reliable, suitable for the toughest operating conditions.

Two the main innovations that make this valve a news in the industry.

First, it is equipped with an inflatable seal whose profile owner is closed-section and has a dual function. To the typical behavior of the seal which must be inflated combines that of O-rings sliding. Therefore it is not a fixed but mobile seal, such as to hide underhead totally when the spherical dome is opened and closed.

Dome valve with air sealing

The other news is a bladed air cleaning system of the dome. The pressurized air surrounds the dome during its movement, in that cleaning the surface, facilitating the detachment of the seal, cooling more quickly the contact area between the two.

Dome-RILS is the result of research Rosada ILS. For reliable performance in heavy conditions.

Dome-RILS closes under pressure in difficult conditions

Dome valve inflatable seal

Dome RILS provides various types of manufacture.

The valve body is certified to be used in pressure. It is manufactured in steel, alloys for the use at high temperature and in the presence of strong wear, polished stainless steel for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The spherical dome can be made in various steel alloys and surface treatments are possible to improve the flowability of the product, the wear resistance, cleaning, contact with particular materials, such as food powders, waste, materials tendentially adhesives.

Of course there are various possibilities also for the seal, manufactured in rubber but also silicon resistant to high temperatures and other materials yet.

This versatility of construction enables Dome-RILS to be able to achieve successful results in the pressure tightness of the valves, as the perfect closing of the dome also under the head of product or in conditions of strong thermal stress.

Pneumatic seal in dome valve Dome with inflatable seal

This makes the valve suitable to the most different needs to unloading materials and seal, such as the double flap machine component for the discharge in airtight between two environments to be maintained at different pressures.

The spherical dome valve is fully proposed with its control panel, which ensures the management functions of the pressure and movement of the seal, the opening and closing of the dome, the adjustment of the cleaning as well as the remote reporting of its functioning to a control room.

Sealing systema with inflatable seal on dome valve