Your guarantee is our experience

The core business is focused on handling equipment. In the large family of pneumatic conveying of powders, granules, scales, chips, batch materials, we offer handling systems, injection systems, recovery systems; from the dilute to the dense phase pneumatic conveying, high pressure and low speed; with state-of-the-art solutions such as air injection systems along the pipeline, with new self-adjustment technology. We are particularly proud of the dense phase and also on suction systems and high vacuum conveying, to solve the critical issues of the pneumatic conveying of the most difficult products. Lastly, we do not fail to design and deliver low-concentration conveying systems, such as pneumatic conveying with the Venturi eductors , in-line eductors, low or high pressure "push / pull" aspirators.

Also of custom and proprietary design are the stations for emptying bags and big bags, bins to discharge materials, air fluidizers and unclogging, pneumatic blending cones and others.

Engineering, machine and innovation enthusiasts, we design and build machines for specific purposes such as de-lumper and and lump breaker for both light and heavy duty, or special components such as spherical dome valves of innovative concept and proprietary designs.

We complete our offer with components and accessories for pneumatic conveying systems, such as the compression fast couplings for high and low pressure pneumatic conveying, sight glasses, pipes and plate with abrasion resistant linings in molten basalt or ceramic alumina and much more.

It's not a job, it's our passion

Dense phase pneumatic conveying

If on one hand there is always the need to effectively maintain a strong competitive position in the market, the fact remains that it must be accompanied by a natural propensity for research, technical and technological innovation, continuous training of the whole company. We believe that our main engine is this drive toward the "new" and to the optimization and improvement of manufacturing processes, plant safety and environmental protection.
That is why we consider our work pleasant, rewarding, constructive, able to enrich us every day and procure small and sometimes great joys. That's why ours, more than a job, it's a passion.

We design and build in PED/ASME and ATEX area. We are very alert and focused the documentary appearance of our work and the need to be able to do training to our clients, for us CE and ISO have never been mere plates, but production philosophies. We are constantly seeking highly qualified suppliers with whom consolidate partnership relations over time.

We are an engineering that will develop your ideas and understand your needs, build machines and systems expertise, offer efficient service, technologically advanced solutions, by the value for money always competitive; pursue high construction, quality and safety standards, take you up to commissioning and follow you during maintenance. Doing things well. Here are the guidelines dictated by our and your satisfaction.

The Customer through the Web

What do we want to communicate with a Web site? That is this question every company should ask yourself before proposing on the Net. Not just once but several times during her life, during the development of the activity.

We are first of all technicians and we offer ourselves as carriers of engineered technical solutions. Almost all machinery we offer is designed and built by us, in Italy, especially when they are special purpose equipment such as pressure vessel, big bags emptying stations, bin loading and unloading materials, innovative dome valve inflatable seals new design and operational, pneumatic seal line switches etc.

As a consequence the market has found us involved and passionate in the analysis of problems and description of the solutions, researchers of direct dialogue and discussion. Few emails, much phone, meetings, site inspections, detailed quotations, charts and explanatory descriptions.

In short, the market has found us communicators.