Except in very special cases or specific requests, Rosada ILS always offers conveying lines with fast couplings.

Fast coupling for pipes and bends Fast joints for pneumatic conveying

The selection of the type of coupling to be used is substantially linked to the type of pneumatic conveying and the values of pressure expected in the pipeline, so that we have couplings high and at low pressure.

The high pressure couplings, sometimes called simply pressure joints, allow the union of two lengths of tube, operating on the tightening of two or more bolts. They consist of two half shells made of cast iron, of a robust seal and a series of clamps of hardened steel, which at tightening impact on the surface of the pipe and ensure the sealing under axial strenght.

There is a variant of joints that provides grooved ends, such as to compensate for any axial stresses, and at the same time allow the relative rotation of the tubes. We never advise this type.

Using these couplings requires few precautions, some already required for the mating flange and therefore with no additional costs installation.

The ends of the tubes must be smooth and squared, such as to facilitate mating, and must be approached each other taking care to verify the perfect alignment in the axis of both traits.

Still to facilitate the proper coupling, we design the conveying lines with appropriate brackets, in anticipation of line stress.

The low pressure joints, or compression fittings, have identical functionality but sealing and tightening are different.

They consist of a robust sheet metal band with two tension plates and clamping bolts. A rubber band realizes the seal and a steel strip guarantees the electric continuity of the conveying line.

Fast coupling for pipes and bends

Hours are reduced to minutes

Pressure coupling for pipes an tubes

The graph we show is indicative of the affordability given by the adoption of quick couplings for joinnig pneumatic conveying pipes, in place of the classic operations of welding the pipes either of coupling with flanges.

The calculation of the economic benefits takes into account of supply costs, times of handling on site, but also the times of removal and substitution during maintenance or revamping. To this it is useful to add even an increased safety.

Sustainable solutions for piping

Pressure joint for pneumatic conveying

The installation of fast couplings to join plain end pipes does not require the use of additional electric power, as in the case of welding or flanging.

For classical systems, in fact, it is necessary to use special equipment to make the welding or the tightening of the bolts. In addition, in the case of welding, it is also to consider the energy cost due to the handling of waste, which belongs to the category of special waste. As well as during maintenance to flanged unions, the cost of handling the gaskets that will be replaced must be added to the energy cost to remove and replace the bolts.

Rosada ILS promotes fast couplings and adopt them as design standards for all installations of pneumatic conveying pipelines. The fast couplings are efficient for any type of pneumatic conveying, easy to assemble and energetically sustainable.