Curve e tubi basalto e ceramica

Examples are the foundry sand, clinker, ash from combustion in boilers, quartz.

The phenomenon of wear in the tubes is due in part to the conveying speed and the consequent friction of the product in the pipes. But the main cause is the changing direction, which is why the wear of major concern takes place in conveying bends, due to the increased friction.

That is why the bends of a pneumatic conveying line are manufactured with the bending radius the widest possible and in any case with strong limitations with respect to the smallest value adoptable. And, in the case of heavy abrasion, wear resistant internal coatings are used.

In the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying Rosada ILS keeps up consideration of these problems and adopts wear resistant coatings with quality materials and high quality of construction. The manufacture is an essential factor for the effectiveness of the abrasion resistant components, for example the perfect alignment of the inner sectors of lining that allows a longer life of the component as well as the selection of a chemical composition that involves adequate hardness.

Pneumatic conveying with lined pipes

We propose wear resistant lined bends with thicknesses adequate for heavy duty, coupled with straight sections of suitable length, to take account of the angle of incidence with which the particles collide with the surface and the lingering effects of turbulence of the flow after the change of direction. We also design and manufacture special components of various shapes, "T", "Y", "S", with sizes and lengths also on design.

Products intended to satisfy strict requirements and to last over time.

Pneumatic conveying with ceramic alumina lined pipes Pneumatic conveying with lined pipes

Alumina ceramic lined components

Abrasion resistant pipes for pneumatic conveying

The pipes coated with alumina ceramics are characterized by high abrasion resistance even in combination with high operating temperature. So we use these components when we have to convey very hot materials that give rise to significant wear.

Among other qualities of the alumina ceramic, we can also mention the remarkable regularity of its mechanical characteristics along the section, the high geometric regularity and the possibility to obtain very smooth surfaces.

The necessary raw materials and processes for production of alumina and manufacture of the component, which require expertise and a appropriate hardware, make these products more expensive than the equivalent with basalt coatings, compared with a duration far greater even thanks to an increased regularity of wear of the surface during operation.

Our alumina coatings all ensure a Mohs hardness equal to 9 and are provided with a standard thickness equal to 20/25 mm.

Basal and ceramic alumina lining for pneumatic conveying systems

In the design of a pneumatic conveying system for very abrasive materials, the case in which Rosada ILS proposes a mixed supply of components in basalt and alumina ceramic is frequent.

This in order to save the cost of supply, while maintaining a good degree of reliability over time.

Pneumatic conveying with lined pipes Pneumatic conveying with lined pipes

basalt lining

Rosada ILS offers bends and pipes with coatings made of basalt whose degree of Mohs hardness is at least 8. The component generally has a minimum coating thickness of 20 mm on straight sections and 25 mm on the wide radius bends.

Wear resistant pipes and bends

We use the components in basalt where demand is high abrasion resistance and at the same time a marked regularity of the inner surface, what ensures a reduced friction in respect of product flow inside the pipeline.

As a standard production, we supply flanged components according to DIN, with at least one movable flange for easy mounting, but pipes with plain ends or for custom coupling are also available.

In the case of supply of bends for pneumatic conveying, we recommend coupling at every turn a straight section of the minimum length of 1 m.