Applications in industrial sectors

Thermal power plants

In the field of fossil fuel power plants, two areas of primary importance are raw material feeding and recycling systems as well as waste recovery plants. These are heavy duty systems for which recurring problems arise essentially due to strong wear, the presence of high temperature environments or ATEX classified areas.

We propose pneumatic injection systems of coal dust and recirculation systems of the unburnt in the boiler.

The feeding systems of RDF deserve special mention, for this is a material of extreme variability of composition, very light, that can cause strong wear. As solutions, we propose mechanical or pneumatic conveying systems, depending on the specific project.

Among the most critical recovery systems, we propose installations for dense phase pneumatic conveying of bottom ash dry, usually mounted downstream of a cooling and grinding system in order to have temperature and particle size compatible with the pneumatic conveying. or mechanical conveying systems with metal plates conveyors, in the case of large distances, great size, or other problems.

The conveying systems of fly ash are more pneumatic type, realized both in dense and dilute phase or as vacuum systems.

The most of the pneumatic conveying proposed in the field of Power are characterized by great thicknesses of the pipes and the use of anti-wear lining, basalt or alumina ceramics, even in the case of connections by flexible hose.

Foundry, Steel

In the processes of foundry, the core of our offer is surely given by the conveying of sand and the recovery of exhausted sands. Our mechanical conveying systems, rubber belt or metal plates type, ensure reliability and durability in critical conditions.

For conveying the sand and the dust from filter, we also offer pressure vessels for dense phase pneumatic conveying, with abrasion resistant pipelines and bends using basalt coatings, sometimes alumina ceramics.

The field of anti abrasion is dealt more widely than with the only pipelines, often extending to coating machinery, hoppers, and more.

We also propose injection systems for additivesand other, using dilute phase systems with venturi eductors, which are also offered with ceramic coating, and mechanical machinery as micro dosers and dosers for heavy duty.


The chemical industry applications range from food chemistry to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, from chemical mining to petrochemicals.

Our pneumatic conveying systems are suited to the various sectors of use: in the heavy industry we offer conveyors and extractors of raw materials, for light applications we are present with micro dosers, mini pneumatic conveyors, systems with venturi eductors or pressurized rotary valves, suction and vacuum systems and weighing for cosmetic or food recipes.

We also propose emptying machines for bags, big bags, IBC or special containers and drums of our own design and construction for specific uses.

Are of greatest importance for our range systems of fluidization and air blending, which address a large series of packing, blockage, facilitating unloading and dry blending of powders, granules and similar.

We manufacture equipment and systems made of steel or stainless steel, complete with couplings and fittings for pressure conveying.

Cement, aggregates, pre-mixed, batching, concrete

The cement production includes a number of almost complete handling equipment. In the field of raw materials, our projects include pneumatic conveying systems e mini systems for handling filler, limestone, RDF, fiber, additives for the treatment of fumes, gypsum and coal.

Of special interest the extracting and conveying systems of clinker and plants for the recovery of dust from furnaces and filters, environments and material in conditions of high temperature.

Conveying systems for cement are installed both for the storage in silos both for bagging and packaging systems for the final product.

In addition to the dense phase pneumatic conveying, in some cases even the dilute phase systems with Venturi eductor or airlocks may be an effective alternative in terms of value for money.

We offer abrasion resistant linings for pipes and sometimes even for the eductors and the transition components, such as rotary valves, switches, dome valves and other.


Glass protagonists are earth and other raw material extraction facilities, as well as glass scrap feeders. Our solutions consist of high efficiency and clean pneumatic conveying. Always for raw materials, we offer air blending systems.

We also offer injection systems of additives for the treatment of flue gases and those relating to the field of energy, such as RDF feeding systems and the recovery and pneumatic conveying of fly and bottom ash with abrasion resistant pipelines and bends, finally spherical dome valves for high temperature and wear.

We solve problems of blockage of raw materials in silos with our fluidizers, and air cannons.


RDF, and extraction and pneumatic conveying of ash, by solutions for large capacities but also installations lighter and less onerous in terms of cost and maintenance, such as pneumatic injection systems for the additivation in the treatment of flue gas.

Our solutions are provided for operation in critical environments in terms of temperature and dust levels, while in pneumatic conveying we recommend pipelines and bends lined with basalt and alumina ceramic.

We are present also in the field of biomass boilers, small and medium sized, for industrial use and domestic use, offering light duty and fast feeding systems for wood pellets and chips with dilute phase pneumatic conveying of considerable cheapness and low energy consumption.


Our offering in the field of plastics range from extraction and conveying systems of raw materials to those for injection of additives, colorants, compounds and other. They are light duty systems of dense or dilute phase pneumatic conveying, filters in low and high vacuum.

We also propose sophisticated weighing systems, with light dosers by competitive value for money and micro dosers of high construction standard for the strictest requirements.

Finally, we mention our fluidizers, piston type, for difficult powders and pneumatic blenders for preparing compounds in the silo.

Mining, Marble, Limestone

In mining and extraction from quarries we propose conveying systems, suitable for heavy duty and conveying of granulates and powders in large capacities and long distances.

Our systems for pneumatic conveying of filler and powder along conveying lines with abrasion resistant pipelines and bends, with coatings in basalt and alumina ceramic are characterized for robustness, efficiency and reliability.

Recycling and waste handling, inert

We operate in the waste-to-energy and recycled waste recovery, with a range of solutions designed and customized for specific needs.

For the splitting of light and fly materials we propose extraction and collection systems in static or movable bottom containers.

We have developed specific solutions and components for the field of special wastes, such as hospital waste and those who need for cleaning treatments, chemical wastes destined for recovery and treatment, waste from road construction and so on. We offer pneumatic conveying systems, integrated where necessary by abrasion resistant pipes and bends with basalt and alumina ceramic lining.

Among the machines we propose special spherical dome valves with surface treatments specific to facilitate the passage of difficult materials such as adhesives and partially packed waste with inflatable seal systems made of materials chosen to deal with any chemical attack or corrosion.

This type of valves are proposed also in version suitable to be mounted on tanks of inertization in environment of high pressure or in vacuum.

We also supply feeding and extraction systems for biogas and composting plants, with mechanical and pneumatic valves and diverters as well as weighing and dosing systems.


We dedicate particular attention to the pneumatic conveying of fragile, delicate materials, that can not be degraded. We propose mini pneumatic injection systems or high vacuum suction systems, able to prevent shocks and breach of grains and similar. The couplings of the lines are pressure fast couplings or folder type with fastening clamp to allow rapid and frequent maintenance and cleaning.

We also offer machines to empty and fill bags, big bags, IBC and FIBCs and containers personalized for a specific need, with innovative blocking devices and automatic discharge.

In the field of dosing and weighing, we operate with equipment of high quality and accuracy needed to the finest process and materials the most delicate and difficult to flow.

Finally, the field of blending and aeration sees us protagonists with our fluidizers, simple and piston type, and our pneumatic cones blenders that allow to combine the various ingredients inside a silo.


We propose micro dosing and weighing of ingredients and final product, with high standards of design and material selection to ensure accuracy of the construction and operational precision.

Among the pneumatic conveying, dense phase systems we propose and dilute phase with eductors. We build conveying lines with pipes and components suitable for the healthcare environment and conveying lines to fast dismantling. In addition, our suction and high vacuum conveying systems are able to ensure the homogeneity of a blend or the integrity of tablets, pills, and more.

Finally, we point out our solutions for the pneumatic blending of powders and granules in silos, able to ensure homogeneity and cleaning.