The pneumatic conveying can be adjusted depending on the application and with an air / product ideal concentration, generally maintaining a pressure smaller than in a normal cycle with the classic pressure vessel.

Quick and easy to install, with a set of very simple regulation and control, M-JET is a system solution from the value for money of sure interest for a large number of cases of pneumatic conveying systems.

Injection systems for powders, granules and pellets

Trasporto pneumatico in fase fluidificata

M-JET is a viable alternative for installations for the enslavement to the extruders of plastic material, for its contained compressed air consumption and its efficiency, making it competitive with respect to the classical solutions with rotary valve or Venturi eductor.

The machine is suitable for both the pneumatic conveying of raw materials in granules, powders, additives, colorants, both for the recovery of the extruded to be destined to the production.

In the field of ashes from biomass and wood pellets, waste and powders as a filter, as well as in injection systems of unburnt in a boiler, M-JET is proposed also in heavy duty, able to dispose of not high flow rates but with an economy of use and an incomparable reliability on the market. Another option of use is the recovery of pyrite or the injection of pulverized coal, a project designed even in versions for ATEX areas. Characteristic of these solutions is the construction in increased thickness and the use of accessory components to cope with the problems of abrasiveness and high temperature as the Dome-RILS.

The ATEX aspect is taken care of also for applications in the food and pharmaceutical handling critical powders due to the danger of explosion. M-JET is often the ideal solution for the injection of ingredients, salt or additives to be dosed in small amounts in the production process, such as mixers, conches, mills, reactors, dissolvers and so on.

The application of powders injection like additives and reagents is also typical of other industries. Example, charging the reactors in the chemical industry and plastics or else the dosing of powders necessary for the treatment of flue gas or of waters.

Finally we recommend M-JET in cases of system of injection of the finished product, powders, granules, pellets, intended for package in bags, in big bags or drums. A clean and economical solution to optimize the packaging of bulk products.

Trasporto pneumatico in fase fluidificata

a design concept constantly evolving

Trasporto pneumatico granuli con valvola a calotta

The mini pneumatic conveyor is a machine of simple execution and installation, yet here at Rosada ILS is always subject of study. This is the reason why M-JET makes it an inexpensive solution, suitable for an ever larger number of applications.

Example, today M-JET can be provided with different solutions for unloading the product, from the simple bottom to a multi-point fluidizers system. Another development has been intended for heavy duty and high temperature as the pneumatic conveying of ash, which has led to a machine with a loading Dome-RILS spherical dome valve and high flow rate fluidizers.

M-JET volume is contained, but over time it has gone from a simple 25 litres model to a range that goes from 15 to 50 litres in basic versions, to meet on the one hand to the need for greater flow rate request, by other in order to adapt to materials with very low specific weight.

This makes M-JET a highly flexible design line, while maintaining the traditional qualities of economy, ease of use, low maintenance and quick restore.