Dilute pneumatic conveying eductors

This results in a system with no moving parts and characterized by a fast installation and substitution that makes this solution among the most economic both as an investment and in terms of maintenance costs.

The range of available Venturi Eductors is very large and makes this handling system compliant with the most varied kinds of materials and industrial processes.

However, it is of the utmost importance that the system is designed remaining in the operational limits to maximize the benefits of this technology, without causing operational difficulties and unnecessary energy costs.

The suction induced by the Venturi effect offers indispensable advantages.

Venturi eductors dilute pneumatic conveying

For example when at the discharge from a micro doser is important not to negatively affect the dosage, as in the case of back pressure generated by air leakage through a rotary valve, in the classic dilute phase pressure conveying.

Or when to download a big bag is advantageous to suck from the empty big bag to prevent loss of material in the environment on the occasion of substitution, while maintaining a transfer of product via pneumatic pressure Conveying.

Finally we mention one of the most effective applications of use of this technology, the discharge from a cyclone separator, again thanks to the suction Venturi effect, which increases the performance of dust abatement up to 100% efficiency.

VE type Venturi eductors

Dilute conveying with Venturi eductors Dilute conveying with Venturi eductors
Venturi eductors for dilute conveying

In VE version, the eductor exploits the Venturi effect in the traditional way. The material to be conveyed is sucked through the upper inlet, which is generally a containing hopper or a transition chute, exploiting the vacuum generated by the rear nozzle.

Once sucked, the material is pushed by the fluid itself in the pipeline.

The manufacture of VE Venturi eductor involves the use of various materials depending on the application needs, from standard mild steel to special materials, such as abrasion resistant lining as well as stainless steel with fast coupling clamp for applications in which a high degree of cleanliness is required.

The connections to pneumatic conveying pipes may be for smooth tube ends, for use with low pressure couplings, or flange, up to versions with fast clamp typical of food and pharmaceutical industries.

IV type Venturi in-line coaxial eductors

Dilute conveying with Venturi eductors
Venturi eductors in pneumatic conveying

With the IV Venturi Eductors push-pull effect is even more cost saving. In the IV model vacuum is created upstream of the Venturi, instead of above it, which then sucks the material directly from the conveying line, instead from an upper feeding inlet.

So with an IV eductor, the material is pushed into the line without changing direction and the conveying fluid is injected radially to the eductor.

Unlike VE models, you can mount more IV Venturi eductors along a same pneumatic conveying line, even if the suction point of the material is unique, only in order to extend the distance line. Also you can install it in a vertical position, with both the upward direction than downward.

These features make the IV Venturi eductor a solution of great versatility and cost effectiveness for dilute phase pneumatic conveying.

Dilute pneumatic conveying eductors

Pellets, granules, additives, abrasive powders with a simple and inexpensive System

Eductors for dilute conveying

Rosada ILS is able to provide dilute phase pneumatic Conveying systems with Venturi Eductors for various industrial and civil applications, properly sizing the system and optimizing consumption.

Among cases of application the most common we mention the extraction systems and conveying of bottom ash and fly ash, especially in biomass plants. For these systems eductors are proposed operating at high temperatures with special linings of alumina ceramic or other wear protection materials. Other heavy duty cases are the injections of additives, for example of aluminium powders in the processes of steel and steel industry.

Feeding systems with Venturi eductor are also recommended with carbonates and with lime, cement and other powders.

We offer standard eductors and stainless steel versions suitable for the injection of powders and granules in the chemical industry, as well as quick release versions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Particularly we mention our solutions with Venturi eductor for the processes of boiler feeding of wood pellets. Easy maintenance and low cost, they are designed both for heavy duty industrial boilers of large capacity, both in simple and light versions for applications with civil boilers and central systems.