We manufacture vessels for pneumatic conveying in pressure dense phase, injection systems in dense or semi-dense phase under pressure, for powders, additives, granules, solids materials, injection systems and dilute phase pressure pneumatic conveying, withrotary vales (airlocks), venturi eductors, in-line eductors, aspirators and suction and vacuum systems for dust and granules.

Your guarantee is our esperience

blender miscelatore pneumatico

Special machinery

Pneumatic piston fluidization systems for clogged powders,pneumatic blenders, systems for unloading of bags and big bags, FIBC, flexible, rigid containers and drums, double flap systems with pressure seal by means of inflatable seals.

eiettore venturi eductor

High quality

Basalt and ceramic alumina wear coatings and abrasion resistant wide radius bends and pipes for pneumatic conveying, and quick couplings for pneumatic conveying components, Venturi eductors for pneumatic conveying of powder and granules, for loading reactors and mixers.

celle di carico load cells

Components for the industry

Load cells and static and dynamic weighing systems For power and dosage processes. Standard, heavy duty versions, ATEX, in the most critical applications.

enegineering service ingegneria progettazione


We develop engineering and feasibility studies of industrial plants with applications in ATEX, high temperature, pharmaceutical, food, biomass and wood pellets.


Rotary valve for pressure dilute pneumatic conveying


Valves with the build quality suits different flow rate performance, sealing, wear etc., depending of the chosen conveying parameters.

High pressure and low pressure sleeves and couplings


The installation of quick couplings for connecting ends of flat tubes does not require the use of additional electrical energy, as in the case of welds or flanges.

Cella di carico e bilancia per pesatura industriale

Indstrial weighing

Our load cells are reliable for industrial scales, truck scales, axle weighing scales, precision filling, dosing and packing systems.

Abrasion resistant bends and pipes

Abrasion resistant pipes

Coatings whose degree of Mohs hardness is equal to at least 8, a minimum thickness of 20 mm on straight sections and 25 mm on large-radius bends.

Mini trasporto pneumatico per polveri e granuli e sistemi di alimentazione


The mini pneumatic conveyor is a machine of simple realization and installation, and yet here to Rosada ILS is always a subject of study.

Eiettori per linea di traporto pneumatico in fase diluita

Venturi Eductors

Pneumatic conveying with venturi eductors for the most varied industrial and civil applications, properly sizing the system and optimizing consumption.

Dense pahse pneumatic conveying Dense pahse pneumatic conveying
Dense pahse pneumatic conveying Diverter abrasione resistant basal ceramic alumina Dense pahse pneumatic conveying Dense pahse pneumatic conveying

To Reward the made in Italy

We firmly believe in the possibility of creating an Italian product in an industrial field where this tradition is gradually deteriorating.

First, we believe in quality and reliability of our work, but we also believe in creating bonds that go beyond mere working relationship. If on one hand we try to build customer loyalty continually renewing the added value of our proposals, on the other we believe that the consolidation of our supplier-induced can itself become another value-added to offer to the market.Optimizing the production process that can be achieved by locating in the region that we believe has the potential than the summary reduction of price that normally it is pursuing, on the contrary, by means of the de-localization. The possibility of accurate control of the direct, personal, continuous in time relationship, so as to make not only the company but also the supplier safest and most propositive about desired objectives in terms of product quality.

A strategy that Rosada ILS decided to carry as a banner since its establishment, with the conviction that it is the most effective way, especially satisfactory for growth. One strategy that we hope will be shared as soon as possible from the induced not only industrial but the entire system "nation".