Generally we do not recommend these systems when conveying takes place in dilute phase, and with very low concentrations of product in the pipeline. This because this solution requires pipes, filters and vacuum cleaners larger compared to the solution of the dilute phase under pressure, that so usually results more convenient.

This aspect is overcome if the application can be developed with a dense phase suction system, with a pneumatic conveying line assisted by injection of air, so that you can make a high degree of vacuum without, however, blocking the line.

Among the critical points of the design of a pneumatic suction conveying we mention the feeding of product in line, the vacuum filter, the suction.

A well-sized suction system can operate both in heavy duty for abrasive materials, both in the food and pharmaceutical sectors with solutions at low speed for fragile products.

The pneumatic conveying centralized systems and mixed solutions

Negative pressure pneumatic conveying

A characteristic of the pneumatic suction conveying installations is the ability to have multiple pick-up points, corresponding to a single destination, and then using a single vacuum filter. You can also create a direct interaction between dilute phase and other pressure systems, both in dense and dilute phase.

If this versatility allows the use of a single system that pulls multiple products, we must yet pay close attention to the materials to be conveyed.

Among the recommended applications we can mention unloading of raw materials conferred by ship, tankers, container, bin or big bag. A performing solution may be of mixed type, assigning the extraction to a vacuum system, which picks up the material to deliver it to a relay station in pressure, which in turn will perform the load of the storage silos.

Safety and cleanliness. Heavy Duty and food

Vacuum conveying systems

We design and manufacture vacuum conveying systems for critical materials.

For some applications solutions are expressly requested, that ensure the maximum degree of cleaning or that, in case of fault, guarantee the absence of spreading of product into the environment. In these cases the suction conveying systems are ideal, especially if sizing them for a scheduled maintenance with low percentage of sudden failure, for example lined pipes with basalt or alumina ceramic anti wear, is not enough.

Other fields of application for these systems are the chemical and pharmaceutical as well as food industry. We propose solutions able to ensure handling of materials under easy degradation or critical fragility, withdrawing them from the suction points and delivering them to the destination thereby preserving the structure and integrity.